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Our gaskets provide extraordinary reliability in difficult applications. Our Gaskets serve standard flanges as well as non-standard flanges which includes lighter weight flanges, valves, pumps, flanges, heat exchangers and vessels. Our Gaskets acts as a replacement for old, worn heat exchangers originally designed for jacketed gaskets. Our gaskets consist of a metal core with concentric grooves on either side with sealing materials.

Basic Advantages of Camprofile gaskets are :

  • Applicable to almost all types of flanges despite of available bolt load.
  • Helps compensate for wide swings in pressure and temperature
  • Outstanding sealing characteristics in a wide range of seating stress levels.
  • The gasket cores are reusable reducing cost and eliminating gasket disposal problems.
  • Low seating stresses required reduce flange damage and gasket removal problems.
  • Because of the variety of materials used,it offers extreme temperature and chemical resistance
  • Very small reducing fugitive emissions due to the working thickness of sealing layers
  • Extremely high pressure is easily sealed with our gaskets.

The material used :

  • Graphite
  • PTFE (Teflon)
  • CAF
  • Aluminium Metal
  • Silver metal


Spur Corporation recommends weld ring gaskets for use in any place where a welded seal is necessary, where the connection also needs to be detachable to a certain degree due either to the danger of the medium or the danger presented by a loss of functionality.The advantage of weld ring gaskets is its greater motion absorption. They are mainly used with heat exchangers with differing radial strain properties, e.g. as gaskets between channel flanges and tube plates.


Bonnets are used where power plants encounter several areas where high performance gaskets are necessary i.e turbine crossover tubing, manway/manhole/handle covers, heat exchangers, feed water boilers and high temperature high pressure valves. This gaskets performs and creates a leak free environment.This bonnets are stronger and therefore are suitable in applications and equipment, dealing with high thermal, mechanical and pressure cycling .


Metal clad gasket is a term that has been given to the gaskets used in heat exchangers. The structure of the gasket or its type varies according to the operating conditions of the exchanges. The Metal clad gaskets come in a wide spectrum of types including single or double jacketed, plain metal ,corrugated, , soft and many others. A large selection of different materials allows metal clad to operate at temperatures beyond the capabilities of most soft gasket materials.


The Ring type joint gasket is a high integrity sealing gasket, high temperature and high pressure gasket. The applications of RTJ gasket are in petroleum industry, oil field drilling, pressure vessels, joints, pipes and valves etc. from Goodrich Gasket Pvt. Ltd. Our gasket possesses the specialized knowledge, technical facilities and practical experience and to solve any relevant fluid sealing problem for our esteem customers.


As per specific industrial application ,we can provide you with the right material. We are a renowned company and built trust for the quality and commitment over the years behind our products.In addition, we excel at flexibility,speed,and convenience when getting critical industrial supplies to our customers with 24 hour service .


We have rapid and accurate methods of production to enable the customer to receive the product exactly when they require and to the highest possible standard of quality. We manufacture Solid Rubber Washers in material grades and thicknesses to best suit the customers requirements. It is an excellent material choice for applications that require good resistance to oil and petroleum base solvents and its application is found in engineering instruments.

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