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We at SPUR CORPORATION have vast experience and technical knowhow in the manufacturing process of Industrial Break liners & Friction Material with base material such as Asbestos, Non Asbestos, Free Wire Kevlar based, Metal & Friction Spring Steel, Sintered Metal, Bronze & Copper.

Break liners are consumable surfaces used in Electrical Engines, Mining Equipments, Heavy Duty Industrial Equipments, Lifts & Escalators, Atomic Energy, Automotive Industry, Construction, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Marine Textile and many other such industries.

We have variant Break liners suited for various requirements such as Brake Bands & Pads, Brake Shoe, Clutch Linings, Disc Brake Pads, Friction Disc, Friction Cone & Clutches, Steel Disc, Steel Mating Plates, Press Brake Blocks, Rivets For Brake Pads, Industrial Brake Pads (Asbestos free), Industrial Brake Lining Rolls, Wind Turbine Brake Pads and many more.

Our team of expertise at Spur Corporation focuses to ensure the latest material and provide the best product available, enabling our clients significant improvement in their performances & cost. Many of our premium clients bear testimony to our capabilities and we have been able to bring in our knowledge and expertise to make improvements which provide significant benefits to them in many areas where friction is part of daily function of the process

We supply Break liners to establish Industries all over INDIA in all dimensions and specifications and we also customized as per our clients requirements. Please forward all your requirements for break liners with samples, sketches, drawings through emails or through our website.

Products- materials of gaskets

  • Made to order, finish products are made as per the sizes , dimensions, sketch, drawings or samples
  • Asbestos Mill Board Discs
  • Brake Bands & Brake Pads
  • Brake Shoes
  • Clutch Facing
  • Brake Bands & Brake Pads
  • Clutch Lining- Drilled Or Blank
  • Clutches For Power Presses
  • Disc Brake Pad
  • Friction Brake Pad-To OEM Specifications
  • Friction Cone- Clutches
  • Friction Disc
  • Friction Plate- Bronze
  • Geared Friction Discs
  • Industrial Brake Lining Rolls , Asbestos Wire Woven
  • Industrial Brake Pads-Asbestos Free
  • Industrial Friction Gears
  • Off Highway Brake Linings
  • Press Brake Blocks
  • Segments
  • Sintered Buttons Rivets
  • Steel Disc
  • Steel Mating Plates
  • Wind Turbine Brake Pads

Some materials used for making brake-liner are:

  • Asbestos, Non- Asbestos, Asbestos Free Wire( Metallic)
  • Friction Material - Metallic And Non- Metallic
  • Kevlar Based -Materials
  • Metal & Friction Materials
  • *Spring Steel
  • *Sintered Metal
  • *Bronze
  • *With Copper
  • Applications & Machinery
  • Centrifugal Clutches & Equipments
  • Electrical Engines
  • Escalators & Press
  • For Appliances
  • For Friction Machines
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Equipments Machineries
  • Heavy Shock Load Applications
  • Hoist-Cranes & Excavators
  • Lift & Elevators
  • Mining Equipments
  • Oil Rings & Elevators
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Wet & Dry Application
  • Winches
  • Wind Turbine Machines
Sector- industry:
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Agriculture Industries
  • Atomic Energy Sector
  • Automotive Industries
  • Construction Industries
  • Container Terminals
  • Earth Moving Industries
  • Electrical Industries
  • Food & Dairies Industries
  • Marine Industries
  • Maritime Industries
  • Metal Forming Industries
  • Mining Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Oil Exploration Sector
  • On & Offshore Marine Industries
  • Paper & Pulp Mills
  • Petrochemicals Industries
  • Ports Related Sector
  • Power Generation Companies
  • Railways
  • Renewable Energies Industries
  • Steel Mills
  • Sugar Industries

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