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Spur Corporation has been supplying Jacketed gaskets to top corporations all over the country.Jacketed gaskets combine the superior temperature resistance of a metal jacket with the sealing performance of a filler material. The filler material is fully enclosed by a two-piece metal jacket, which covers both inside and outside diameters of the jacket and the contact surfaces on both sides. Such gaskets are designed for high temperatures such as Fahrenheit, that is encountered in heat exchangers,boilers and similar type of applications.Heat Exchanger gaskets are more compressible than sole-metal corrugated types and offer better compensation for flange irregularities when high pressures are to be seale.We have adequate capacity to produce any shape and size with many compartmental ribs made out of different materials.They can be used for heat transfer equipment, condensers ,coolers,joints etc. We fabricate jacketed gaskets from any metal in any thickness customised to the requirement to provide compressive strength and blow out resistance, depending on the application’s corrosive conditions. For excellent compressibility and resilience, our filler materials for jacketed gaskets include flexible graphite ,non-asbestos, ceramic, PTFE and corrugated metal.

Jacketed Gaskets

Jacketed metal gasket uses the following material :

  • Soft Iron
  • Low carbon steel
  • Monel Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Cupronickel 90%/10%, 70%/30%
  • Inconel 600,800
  • different grades of Stainless Steel

Copper specification : As per Customer Requirement. size : As per Customer Requirement.

Filler material used :

  • Asbestos mill board
  • CAF
  • Non asbestos
  • PTFE
  • Grafoil

Jacketed Metal are available in following varieties :


This type of gasket is widely used in engineering applications and air tool applications where space is limited, relatively low compressive forces are available for seating the gasket and gasket seating surfaces are narrow.The majority of applications for single-jacketed gaskets are normally 1/4" or less in radial width.


The application of the Double-jacketed gaskets lies in heat exchanger applications and are the most commonly used style of gaskets. Any material that is commercially available in 26-gauge sheet, and where the service is not critical, this type of gasket are available. Another application of the same lies in standard flanges.


Where maximum flange width is approximately 1/4", single-jacketed overlap construction gasket is used. This finds application when the flange width makes it impractical to use a double-jacketed gasket and total enclosure of the soft filler material is required.


The double-jacketed corrugated gasket is an improvement on a plain jacketed gasket in the sense that it will provide an additional labyrinth seal in the corrugations on the gasket. A double-jacketed corrugated gasket still relies on the primary seal on the inner lap. It also provides the advantage of reducing the contact area of the gasket, enhancing its compressive characteristics.


French type gaskets finds application in a one-piece jacketed construction for narrow radial widths not exceeding 1/4" and in two- and three-piece constructions for wider applications. The most commony used French type gaskets are fabricated using copper sheath. When the application requires the outer edge of the gasket to be exposed to fluid pressure,this type of gasket can also be used with the jacket on the external edge of the gasket.

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